How to Choose the Best Bariatric Surgeon near You

Aug 18 • 2 minute read

Weight loss surgery is a big deal. You may want a bariatric surgeon near me, but also look for a highly qualified doctor at a bariatric center where you feel comfortable, even if you have to drive a little further to get there. Here are our top tips for finding and evaluating bariatric surgeons and centers.


Start Your Research

For most people, the search for a bariatric surgeon near me starts online. You’ll certainly be able to find the ones nearest to you by using the map feature, but don’t be afraid to go a little farther out to make sure you find the best doctors. When deciding if you should schedule a consultation, read the reviews on Google and Facebook, as well as patient testimonials on their website. Ask your family and friends if they have a recommendation for you. As with most surgeries, you can also start with your primary care doctor to find the best bariatric surgeon.


How to Evaluate a Bariatric Surgeon

Feel free to schedule a consultation at more than one bariatric center. This will enable you to evaluate a few different doctors so you can make the best decision for yourself. Here’s what to look for:

Education – Whether online or in their office, be sure your doctor has the proper level of education from a quality school. Also note if they are on or run any advisory boards in their field.

Experience – Find out how many years the doctors has been completing surgeries, and if they specialize in a certain type.

Bedside Manner – More than listening to what the doctor says, also pay attention to how much they listen to you. Do they take your opinions into consideration? Do they adequately answer your questions? Most importantly, do you feel comfortable and safe around them?


How to Evaluate a Bariatric Center

Although choosing the best bariatric surgeon near me is probably the most important part of your decision, that doesn’t mean you can forgive poor customer service from other staff members.

Whether your first interaction is a phone call or email, you should hear from them promptly. When you talk, you should feel cared for and listened to. When you come in to the bariatric center, take note of how the staff and nurses treat you, as well as others.


Making the Final Decision

After gathering all the information, take your time to review and compare the options. Ask yourself which items from above are most important to you and how you will know if someone has met your standards. Sometimes, it’s better to figure these things out before you make an appointment.

Once you’ve made the decision, sit with it for a while before calling them back. Make sure it’s the right decision for you, your body, and your lifestyle.


Top-Notch Bariatric Center and Bariatric Surgeon near Me

Atlanta’s best bariatric surgeon has four locations to serve your needs. Please give us a call or send a message online to ask questions or book a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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